Corporate Social Responsibility in Action



Q. Who does Feed 4 for 4 help?
A. Feed 4 for 4 is a unique, nonprofit organization that funds agencies throughout the state that help the Working Poor to become self-sufficient. We provide food, clothing, housing and jobs — all thanks to generous donations from individuals and Sponsors who give back to their community.

 Are contributions to Feed 4 for 4 tax deductible?
A. Yes, Feed 4 for 4 is a 501(c)(3). All contributions made to Feed 4 for 4 will receive full application of the 501(c)(3) laws related to tax deductibility.

Q. How does Feed 4 for 4 choose the Working Poor agencies that it works with?
A. Feed 4 for 4 agencies are chosen based on their operational excellence and quality of their services and on the proximity to our Sponsors' market area.

Q. How can businesses get involved?
A. Businesses and corporations can become Sponsors. Sponsorship starts at $50 per month. More information.

Q. Can individuals get involved?
A. Absolutely! Individuals can help support families in the community as well. Donate here.

Q. How long does a Corporate Sponsor have to commit the donation amount for?
A. Feed 4 for 4 asks each Sponsor to commit for a minimum of one year.

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